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Banning IPs from connecting to us...Effective?


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Here is a theory and it requires some testing. Would it be effective to convert the IPs of busted hackers to a peerguardian or protowall format so that you can't make a connection with them. Like this would extend into private hosting of games and specifically for me file sharing (and I only file share things that are legal *Honest to God* to share like Open Office, Enemy Territory, America's Army, the very large mod files, and a few others and I carry the binaries and .run files of Linux/Windows).



I think to be ideal hackers IPs should be listed for a year to remove dynamic IPs and if people change their isp. Most gamers I believe are on static IPs because dialup is horrific. I know people can IP spoof but I think that is gross even for script kiddies.


I took your list and converted the America's Army, Enemy Territory, and all the Call of Duty Genre, Sof2 and quit thinking I should probably ask if this is worthwhile. It amounts to 50120 IP addresses and only big issue I have with it is I don't know how old the IP addresses are.



Posted Image

Shot at 2007-06-30


Is this worth it

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I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish, is it punishing cheaters by not file-sharing with them? If so, it's an interesting thought, but I tend to doubt it will make much impact on anything. Just my $ .02.

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