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  1. If you mean did they release dedicated server files for non-Windows platforms, no they did not.
  2. There was thinking involved in this decision? :lol:
  3. Chris64

    Dynamic IP

    Are these home-hosted servers?
  4. It's really up to you. I don't think there is streaming "overkill" - as long as you trust the site & it does a decent job (I haven't heard anything bad about AON - I think a number of SGA's here use AON as well, especially on AA), you might as well - it will help the game's community overall. I am not an expert on AON, so others here can probably help you out better than I can, but my understanding is they are an AC community with their own banlist emphasizing AA & CoD4. The advantage would be access to their lists and improving their lists with your catches. But at the end of the
  5. sv_punkbuster 0 Enforce anticheat or play with cheaters, there is no way to manually disable EB-issued Global GUID/Global Hardware GUID bans.
  6. imo, one of the etpro team, if any are still around, need to release a simple update or patch with one feature -> the removal of the etpro GUID & IAC system. maybe then yawn would stop using it & leagues like clanbase would abandon it as well. apparantly bani himself stating "etpro guids are unreliable & should not be used" is not enough.
  7. As RoadWarrior noted, you must be streaming to submit SS's for ban review. Hopefully we will see lots of future ss submissions from you shortly as you will choose to dual stream ;).
  8. I'm clearly late, but better late than never ;p Merry Christmas! :D
  9. I am not sure how that works in etpro, but other mods set a default amount of time to temp ban a person after a kick. This is usually user-configurable. If you don't have that option in etpro, etadmin_mod provides this feature - [link=http://kmod.quakewarsterritory.com/index.php]kMod[/link] might also; it's an add-on for etpro. What config is this? Again I am not that familiar with etpro's behavior - are you saying it autoclears that list each restart? If so, try putting the IP/GUID bans in your pbbans.dat file. Mute him & abuse him as much as possible. Eventually it is likely
  10. Happy [late] Birthday MayDaX! Hope it was great & thanks for your invaluable contributions :).
  11. Its not EvenBalance's fault. Bitch to Sierra/VU - they hold the cards as to whether it gets PB support or not. EB simply does what it is paid to do. I should point out Sierra/VU has a less-then-stellar track-record on game support.
  12. That almost looks like a superimposed xfire window to me.
  13. np, you are quite welcome. Again, I know very little about Fritzbot or BoBot. But I know OmniBot has some pretty big issues (the newer ones) with ET 2.55 (afaik 0.532 should work). Did OmniBot crash too (including 0.532?) & what mod are you using, if any, in addition to the bots.
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