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Hex editing /quit or /disconnect


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Hi All :),


Lately the server of w0h.. crashes much. We found out that when someone defuse and typ in /disconnect /quit or /killserver the server will crash.. Its VERY annoying..


I want to fix it in hex edit but i cant find the value and i dont know what .dll file i have to use.


I hope someone can help me with this or someone have other solution (dont know if there is a other solution for this)


Another way to crash the server was /killcam and /gc 60.. i made this, that you cant typ this anymore.. you will get this message "Cannot find this Command"..


You can use the program Hex Workshop to find it. I cant find it ;(


Oyeah.. the game is Call of Sucky UO..


- Kind regards..


Im thinking this is the Value.. but im not sure..


Posted Image

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