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Someone hacked our server, and permenatly banned me.


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someone hijacked my server and I cant get back in to it. i use rcon 5.2 awe, and the server is not actually mine, but I am an admin on it. I got kicked, then when I tried to get back in, I was permently banned. Can anyone help me?

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password has not been changed. I just cant join the server. It says I am permently banned from this server. I dont know how to fix it in ftp or rcon. I cant use rcon because I cant get in the game. The owner of our server doesnt know how to un ban me.

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Then it's still possible to access Remote console via Rcon tools like RconUnlimited or HLSW ; all commands there http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/co...ex.htm#commands are entered without /Rcon in front.



Games console (not sure re cod tho) support rcon connections without joining as well:


]\rcon (+Autocomplete -->)








connects to game server via rcon, then e.g.:


/rcon pb_sv_banlist



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