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I am on the ban list for cvars problem. I never use a cheat or anything like that, but i do something i dont know to have this cvar problem. mayhem report this cvar problem and after his check (take out the line cvar speed 800 from my sof2mp.cfg) i was unban from mayhem server, because know me like a no problem player and never see me on the video for a cheat. May be this problem happen when i try to configure my server from my personnel pc, i try all cvars, tokens, commands, from rocmod web site, i am learning.


But i thing ppbans do a very good job, and it is not the responsability of pbbans when we test or learn the commands or do something give an erreur in your sof2 (like a cheat). The responsability is part of us only.

Pbbans try to protect us from cheaters, we should appreciate the help.


And the cost is fairly cheap to buy an other game sof2 Gold, $30 in canada. Or live with the problem.



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my brother's friend's cousin's sister's husband dled a cheat will you remove me please? lmao loser kick your brothers ass if it is true n move on.

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