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icon of pbbans & link to pbbans


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I am in process of making a Punkbuster Screenshot php index,

when it is finished, and almost bugfree I will make it available to everyone.


For each Screenshot, I intend to include a link, for a search by name and guid to pbbans,

So I ask for the 'ok', that I can do that. ( depp.gif Currently Bunker servers, have that tool in use,

I didnt thought much about copyrights when I did it first. I will remove it asap, if I am dissalowed)



well there is/will be also a link to splatterladder, yawn! and punksbusted

Asking there for the same.


Beside that, it will contain, a deinterlacer, gamma correction and a desaturator (is that english?).


Well if there is enough interest into it, I will add possibility for easy localization.


So may I implement that link to Pbbns player and Guid search, and may I use the Icon (favicon of pbbans) as link image?


PS: I post in enemy-territory subforum, cause this php tool is related to et and pbbans, sorry if it is wrong section.

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thanks pbbans :D


uhm wrong subforum .. ayay I lastly manage to click always the wrong subforums..

will post again when its finished

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