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Hi all ..


maybe some of you will think I'm stupid ... nevermind .. :rolleyes: :lol: :P


well .. I have a RD server ..... it was in TDM gametype .... when we connected to this server, we were able to choose our weapons ....


but I changed it this morning to a DM gametype ..... and since, we are UNable to choose them ..... we get automaticaly the "standard' list of weapons .....


which cvar do I have to put in the server.cfg in order to get back the outfitting box ??



thanks ....


regards ..



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If you mean you are just getting pickups and can't select say an AK to use throughout the game then the cvar is g_pickupsdisabled "1"

This can be used on a per map basis so if you want pickups on certain maps you can include the cvar g_pickupsdisabled "0"into those maps and g_pickupsdisabled "1" into the ones where you don't want pickups.


If you do this through rcon rather than manually editing the mapcycle or config file then don't put in the "" ie g_pickupsdisabled 1


Hope this is of some help

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