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  1. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    masterserver down ?

    Seems like Ravensoft have shut down the Master Servers :(
  2. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    masterserver down ?

    Correct. No list of servers shown. HLSW and Qtracker are working ok though :)
  3. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Happy Holidays 2009

    Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas break. I hope all members and PBBans staff have a great new year. Keep up the good work guys :)
  4. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Welcome Back 2009

    Good to see you guys struggle through this and come out winning. Keep up the good work :)
  5. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    got one

    Nice catch crazycj. Pity but he'll have to remain a local ban for now.
  6. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    a littl;e help pls with update

    Pleased to hear you're up and running m8 :)
  7. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    a littl;e help pls with update

    Go to Task Manager and click on the Services tab. Check whether the PnkBstrA service is running, it should start running on bootup and when a PB enabled game is run the PnkBstrB service will start up as well. Not having these services running would result in the type of kick you are describing.
  8. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Need help on something weird please.

    I think the chance of that is next to zero. More likely the reason is a crash of SOF2 or the game didn't shut down correctly.
  9. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Need help on something weird please.

    For some reason a file got corrupted and scrambled your CD key. Best thing to do is delete the sof2key file from the sof2\mp directory then restart the game and enter your cD key again. It happens occasionally .
  10. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Show Alias/Aka on entering

    It's called AliasFinder http://www.aliasfinder.co.uk/
  11. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    help me please

    Years after the event the stupidity of Activision releasing batches of SOF2 all with the same CD key never fails to amaze me. If ever there was an encouragement to use a keygen then that is it. In fact it may have been a better solution if Activision had included a keygen in the package. It would have resulted in far less problems.
  12. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Vendetta SOF2 League!

    Nice to hear from you TurboPulse and thanks for the heads up on this. btw my other nick is DooGie of sofplayers.co.uk :)
  13. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Max Fps

    Have you ever tried setting it to 0 Benway. I did and got well over 1000 fps. Trouble is the server can't handle it and you start jerking all over the place like you've got bad lag. On the capping of maxfps at 125 as per Clanbase rules I've got an open mind and think that it should be left to server admins to do what they feel is right. Personally I allow 333 fps on my server and use it myself. However I still play on servers capped at 125 and just adjust my settings accordingly. I honestly don't think the 333 thing is any big deal, just slightly better jumps. toxin OUT means exactly what it says. A players settings must be outside those values. IN means a players settings must be within those values. So pb_sv_cvar "com_maxfps" IN 43 150 then the player must have his fps set between 43 and 150, ie it can't be set at 42 or below or 151 and above. The other way round for out.
  14. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Max Fps

    In a word no. If you really don't want players to go over that then set PB to kick players who have com_maxfps set above that.
  15. -=Garbage DinGo=-

    Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

    Fix it.

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