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i know this has nothing to do with pb but as most of members in pbbans are clan owners and ii was wondering ifsomebody could help me with my server because my mapclycle wont work here it is





set com_watchdog_cmd "vstr m1r1 ; say watchdog found no map running - restarted mapcycle"

set b_mapscriptdirectory etpromapscripts


set m1r1 "g_gametype 3;map braundorf_b4;set nextmap vstr m1r2"

set m1r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m2r1"


set m2r1 "g_gametype 3;map frostbite;set nextmap vstr m2r2"

set m2r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m3r1"


set m3r1 "g_gametype 3;map supplydepot2fix;set nextmap vstr m3r2"

set m3r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m4r1"


set m4r1 "g_gametype 3;map tc_base;set nextmap vstr m4r2"

set m4r2 "map_restart 0set nextmap vstr m5r1"


set m5r1 "g_gametype 3;map beerun_b7a;set nextmap vstr m5r2"

set m5r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m6r1"


set m6r1 "g_gametype 3;map sw_goldrush_te;set nextmap vstr m6r2"

set m6r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m7r1"


set m7r1 "g_gametype 3;map frostbite;set nextmap vstr m7r2"

set m7r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m8r1"


set m8r1 "g_gametype 3;map et_ice;set nextmap vstr m8r2"

set m8r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m1r1"

vstr m1r1



can you tell me why this isnt working? or help me make a new 1 with these maps please sean

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Where does it fall down when you exec the stopwatch cycle, at tc_base or is it not running at all?


Quick check I can see the following


set m4r2 "map_restart 0set nextmap vstr m5r1"

Is the only line without a ; between 0 and set.


set m4r2 "map_restart 0;set nextmap vstr m5r1"

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i didnt notice that i will add it in but it does not run at all is starts on braundorf swap teams at end of round then dosent change map stays and braundorf and does it sll over again i just want it to swap teams at end of round and load next map at end of 2 rounds can you help me with it?

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