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Curious on the MD5 list whether pbbans list differs from the Punksbusted list, and if so, how do I use both? I take it that the list is what is at the end of my pbsvuser.cfg file.


Should I be copy pasting your list at the end of their list in order to make sure that both are checked ? Or is that overkill.


Also noticed that you have this setting

// ****{ set Scan Frequency }*****

pb_sv_md5toolfreq 30

at the top of your list, what would that be frequency wise on the server 30 seconds? is that necessary? would that create extra lag on the server ? What do most people use for a frequency of MD5 checks ?

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Lower pb_sv_md5toolfreq settings will return more "Ignoring MD5Tool Queries" kicks, depends on server, mainly client-server network quality and slots.

Tweak it and check pb_sv_banlist for ignore query kicks, i issue via rcon: pb_sv_banlist igno (=match), a few is normal;


personally i run pb_sv_md5toolfreq = 50 , with 28 selected scans (other game) this is more than enough :P Our MCi is maintained and revised on a regular base, "non sellers" are removed, no idea about psb list, i only took a look at it twice (the first and the last time :))


Put short more list items makes detection inefficient, it is a simple calculation: pb_sv_md5toolfreq 30 = 2 checks a minute (md5toolFreq is a Time interval ;p, unit=seconds), pb_sv_md5toolfreq 10 = 6 (would not recommend this), pb_sv_md5toolfreq 60 = one scan a minute etc.; so the longer the list, the longer it will take checks for new, actually pb-undetected hacks will be issued, in between server will take an 8 hours nap to issue 1000 scans for oldies ... less is more.

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So if I set my frequency to 60, it will check everyones system, for one file each minute?


The psb list has 202 items listed, and the pbbans list is 121, either way that means that it would take a player 2-3 hours to have their systems checked for the existence of any of those files?


Is that correct?


also what is the difference between these two beginnings of MD5 checks?


pb_sv_md5tool a "" v - Psb list

pb_sv_md5tool w "" v " - pbbans list

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yes, correct.



quote target="_blank"> target="_blank">http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=md5tool.php:


pb_sv_md5tool [O/S] [gamever] [type] [filename] SZ AT[offset] LEN[bytes] [MD5]


(note the difference between game file checks (obsolete) and search for hack files



a ... all

l ... linux

m ... mac

w ... win


now checking linux or macOS for *.exe or dll makes no sense, for games that were released for windows only 'a' or 'w' is obviously the same.



Another sidenote, "systems" is exaggerated, game directory rather, [filename] should read [relative_path/filename.ext]

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Thanks for your help, I ended up combining the two lists, there were some files Pbbans had that psb didn't and vice versa, so I combined the lists and ended up with 235 file checks :o


But at least now, thanks to your help I understand what the list is. :)

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