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well. i bought a new cpu after my old cpu has broke down. and now im using vista. Since i've upgraded my video card. i installed my battlefield 2142 with the newest patch. BUT whenever i want to play online. i get kicked out of the server after 30secs saying "*You have been kicked by Punkbuster*". AND IT DOESNT SAY ANY REASONS WHY IM KICKED. so now i can only play single player and i cant play the titan mode :(


can anyone help me? :(

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Sounds like a PB Service issue


1st make sure PB is updated:




then make sure PB Services is installed correctly:





Is all else fails try enabling client logs so PB writes the kick message to a log file



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To change admin rights, be logged in as main admin of the computer(if you have more than one user and are not already the ONLY and MAIN admin of it)


Second, right click on the Icon that starts your game, and select "Run As Administrator" for an option, then click apply and ok, and run the game.


Vista won't run games properly until you do that, and that worked for me with ET and BF2, so I can't see BF2142 being any different, or any other game, for that matter.

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