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problem with my Enemy Territory

Iron Maiden

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first, i didnt really know where to post this so im posting it here.


ever since the new PB update my computer has been locking up. the screen will freeze and i can't do anything. no ctrl-alt-delete, no esc. or anything. i have to do a hard restart and compleatly restart my comp. so i decided to go to a non-PB server and see if i was going to freeze. i played on -|FG|- #1 server fr an hour and had no problems (except lag). i made a topic on the |>B<| forums (the community im in) and a member said he had this happen to him a while a go during another PB update. he said he just had to wait for a new update. though he told me to run pbsetup.exe and get updates. i did that and still locked up. also another member's child had the same problem as me (exactly the same) he said he reinstalled and everything was fine. so i reinstall and play for an hour that night after the reinstall. i play the next, but the comp locked up. so im out of options of what to do. so im asking for others help here, since i think PB could be the problem.

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First off, what operating system? Second of all, PnkBstrA starts when your computer starts, and when you load a PB-based game, PnkBstrA starts PnkBstrB when logging into a PB server. Both operate as a Windows Service, and need to be granted permissions from your firewall and anti-virus programs in order to run, or you'll run into such issues as lock-ups and random server kicks.

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i got Windows XP.


how would i make my anti-virus allow the PnkbstrA and PnkBstrB to run without problems?


im not sure if i have a firewall.


edit: i do have firewall. and it allows ET to run and i just found PnkBstrB in ET folder, pb, PnkBstrB and allowed firewall to run it. im going to try ET now and i'll re-edit (if noone else has posted by then) and give results if it froze or worked.


edit2: didnt work. ET still froze almost 2 hours later.

Edited by Iron Maiden
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Is there a specific error coming up when ET freezes?


Sometimes, believe it or not, it's as simple as deleting a few map pk3 files from etmain. ET has this lovely little bug in it where, if your etmain folder has to many maps in it, it can cause similar issues to what you're describing.


Some things to consider. How long has it been since you formatted? You can save your etkey to something like a floppy or a USB drive, or a second drive on your system, if you need it for league play or admin-purposes to a server.


You could also simply try re-installing the game.


First use the add/remove option(after saving your etkey, found in etmain)


Then delete the file-folder left behind in the directory you have ET installed in. (default is C:\program files\enemy territory).


After that is complete, re-install from scratch, then simply slide your etkey back into the new etmain folder, update PB with pbsetup.exe from evenbalance.com, and see what happens.


I'm sure the *nix guys are chuckling a bit, but I have to admit, the one major weakness of any Windows o/s is that need to install things fresh every once in a while, including the operating system.


If you want, perhaps I can offer some personal help. Get a hold of me on xfire at wartornclan or msn at [email protected] and I can maybe walk you through a few things. I've spent a number of years helping others trouble-shoot such game issues, and sometimes a little one on one helps more than a post here and there does.


More than happy to help a fellow gamer where I can.

Edited by RoadWarrior
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i did reinstall ET about a week ago and everything was smooth the first time playing, but the second time it froze in less than 30 seconds. i tried taking maps out of etmain, deleting them, updating PB. i get no error when it freezes. it freezes, no sound, keyboard doesntwork and mouse stops working too. i wouldn't mind a reinstall, but the thing is it takes nearly 2 hours for the download..


im going to try a couple of other things and see if they work.

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Might want to consider burning ET to a cd or dvd along with patch-updates the next time you download it, and save yourself some time if the need arises again. I did that a long time ago, and aside from having had to add a patch or two to the cd, it's been one heck of a time-saver.


Try the driver updates I recommended, and see if that sends you in the right direction.


Sometimes a driver can go bad with windows, especially if you install something else that might alter it a bit.


One other thought that comes to mind, as well. Check and clean your heat-sinks on your graphics card, cpu and chipset, and perhaps give your power supply a good shot of compressed air as well.


Dust and dirt add to heat-issues, and it's good to clean those things out once in a while anyways. Won't hurt to add that to your list of "to do's".

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the things i tried last night didnt work...


i did try video card update, but no help.


i cleaned my computer a couple weeks ago.


i didn't check the fan near the card though. im out of ideas but a friend is bringing out his old card (mine sucks) sometime soon, so when i get it installed hopefully it shouldnt freeze. so before he brings it ill check all the fans and make sure they all work.


thanks for all the help, RoadWarrior. i just got xfire so if i have any other problems i'll ask you.


my xfire is dragonforc3

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