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well this will nock ur socks off, literally.


Well me and my 2 other TWL teamates went into [RIP] public server and played quite well, we were all on same team and all had 40+ kills with 3 deaths each, since we were all meds, :P. then they say we hack and what not, so lame... then they get arround to banning us, well now it gets funny.


first person of my team gets banned says, Banning!!! BLANK baning by punk buster

2nd teammate, Banning!!! blank banning by puk buster

my turn is up, Banning!!! yodaddy banning by punk bujster


i though this was so funny, this made my day, funnest ban messages ever, and no we were not hacking, we were playing agents some nubs, and we all were meding each other, using the ak101

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I've got several times banned by a fake global hardware ban message.


Like this.


You have been permanently banned from this server by PunkBuster Global hardware ban [ADMIN DECISION]


Some admins doesnt know that ADMIN DECISION comes if you ban a player with your own reason.


Anyway... Punk Bjuster? :P

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