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Hello all, a few weeks ago a member of mine lost his cd key and was asking around where he could get one as to avoid paying for the game again.. the other day this same member got banned by punkbuster of which we were all very shocked as this guy has been a very decent person within his time in |2es- and to be honest is not that great a player. As he was in the PB bans list we had to bann him and remove him from our community as we have zero policey on cheat!

We were all very shocked as none of us would ever think that he would of cheated.

Around a day later when we had chance to talk to him he explained he had found a key on a website that he had used and now he has found out it was a banned key with two players on it that had already been banned :angry:

Getting a key off a website is a silly thing to do I guess but a mistake many would fall into.

If you checked his guide you would see this is an injustice and very frustrating for poor old |2es-Grotzz who even though appears to not of cheated cant come back to our community as it would be damaging for us with his name in the list.

This is all totally wrong and needs to be changed or somehow be made more public not to get keys of websites etc.




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Using warez keys is not legal. We are not going to modify any entry in MBI.

If you open another thread with the same topic, I will ban your forum account.


Thread Closed.

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