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I was looking for a list of cvars for COD 4 yesterday. Typed Call of Duty 4 cvar list in google and on the third page I found a website dedicated to making hacks for money. I don't wanna break any rules so I won't post the link. What I want is to bring this to the attention of the anti-cheat community and I want to do it in an appropriate manner. This site has 1000 members, makes me sick to think about it.

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Thanks for the info and thank you for not making it public :).


You are more than welcome to pm an admin here at the site and give them the details of your find and they will take the appropriate action.

And I can assure you, we feel the same way as you do about these cheaters :angry:


Bear in mind though that if you have a server and stream it to the PBBans Hub you are going a long way towards protecting yourself and the playing community from these tossers.


Also, as a streaming game admin you will have access to our Cvar and MD5 checks and a wealth of experience in keeping our servers as safe as we can from the likes of the members at that site.


So feel free to follow any of these links for more info or to contact any of the staff here for anything that you need :D


PBBans Hub Explained

How to Setup Streaming via the PBBans Hub

The PBBans Hub FAQ Forum



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I know of most of these sites since in testing for EA the last couple of years we have been tranking them down that way. We even found in open testing for Northern strike and Crysis the players who are faffiliated with some of them by creating names and accounts on those sites to spy on who has got what going on. And the funny thing is once you see those list it really dawns on you who in the top of the game are cheats that you swear by would never cheat.

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