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What is the PBBans Hub.


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The PBBans Hub was developed using the recently released PBUCON,which is a remote control/logging facility.

The official EvenBalance announcement can be found here click me


PBUCON was initially released as an admin tool that you can interact with via a console,but as the remote control side of things was of no interest to us our programmers concentrated on the logging aspect.

PBBans immediately recognised the huge possibilities that PBUCON presented as an alternative method of streaming and our programmers did some initial testing and found it far exceeded our expectations.

They then set to work on building a new method of streaming based around PBUCON that gave server admins the security that they currently had pre PBUCON, but allowed streaming using this new method.

As you can imagine,having 1000 servers streaming to one place with 1000 web interface consoles open would be rather impractical so that facility was not included in the developement of the PBBans Hub.


This served 2 purposes:

1. It made it impossible for anyone to send rcon commands via the PBBans Hub,except what is hard coded into the Hub itself.

2. It made it possible for the PBBans Hub to run 65000+ servers.


As always PBBans is all about "quality over quantity" and our coders have taken the time needed to get the PBBans hub running secure and stable.

PBBans is also all about giving the people who fork out their hard earned cash choices.

A server admin who is thinking about streaming to PBBans has the choice of selecting what method of streaming to use that suits best,and if that method is the PBBans Hub there are also choices that are outlined here click me


So, to sum up - PBBans Hub is a secure method of streaming that takes the PBUCON facility that one step further. for just streaming you can set your profile to 0 by using this command:

pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub2-1 pbbanshub

to take advantage of the PBBans Hub "live" banning and other planned enhanced features you can set your profile to 1 using this command:

pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub2-1 pbbanshub

(this is set as default if using this setup guide click me )

If you are already streaming to another anti-cheat repository using the conventional method of streaming that is not a problem as the PBBans Hub method will run quite happily alongside it.

The first question we are always asked is "will this create lag ?" - we already have over 5,000 servers using the PBBans Hub and not one report of Hub induced lag has been reported.

I hope this clears things up a bit for anyone who is not quite sure about what the PBBans Hub is all about and as always we are open to questions either here or on irc (network: quakenet channel: #pbbans)

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