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Q3 | Received signal 6, exiting...


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Hello community,


i ve got the following problem. I ll start my serverbrowser (XQF) n start joining a server. After this the map loads and i get back to desktop :unsure:

>>> 0 custom graphics specified

stitched 0 LoD cracks
...loaded 3728 faces, 358 meshes, 180 trisurfs, 52 flares
WARNING: reused image gfx/2d/blender_180.tga with mixed glWrapClampMode parm
trying gfx/2d/custom1.TGA...
CL_InitCGame:  4.66 seconds
19 msec to draw all images
Com_TouchMemory: 0 msec
^0v^7g^0c^7*^0ri^7gg^0ler^7 entered the game (^1RED^7)
^7*^2def^7jam^2*^7 entered the game (^4BLUE^7)
epic>progamer^7 entered the game (^4BLUE^7)
^0n^1u^0b^1'^7 entered the game (^4BLUE^7)
^0OutOfTheBlue^7 entered the game (^1RED^7)
^7R3^1Q^7UICK3N^7 entered the game (^1RED^7)
Teso^7 entered the game (^1RED^7)
ahwala^7 entered the game (^4BLUE^7)
Received signal 6, exiting...
Shutdown tty console

...and i started to google for the problem. :angry:



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