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Does punkbuster ban for using cracks/backups?


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My DVD drive takes a long time to recognise the Crysis DVD when I run the game and I would like to use a backup instead, also I would like to keep my real disc in good condition(no scratches), however I am worried punkbuster might ban me if I have modified game files.


I was just wondering if anyone has been banned before when using a backup or crack in crysis or other games that use punk buster.I also would like to remove the annoying unskipable intro videos, is this likely to get me banned by PB?


Does punkbuster usualy ban for this sort of thing, is it likely to?

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pb doesnt look into games' video spammage ;p or on a CD/DVD (the game does).

noCD-cracks, cracked servers (both changed exe's that change the code in memory pb will check), cracks in general are always unsupported software, i.e. you use at own risk. They always will cause various issues, there are reported nocd-cracks with trojans stealing cd-keys, in result we get ban appeals "omg my key has been stoled! it wasnt me!" default answer: "the guid was used to cheat, ban is valid and stays". Hands off. And btw we don't support piracy in any form or shape, thus discussion ends at this point. ;)

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