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A couple of questions


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I'm new here but not to the anti-cheat community and would first like to thank the PBBans Admins for their hard work and dedicated efforts in busting cheaters, much appreciated.


My questions:


1) Our server is currently Hub streaming and do I need a pbbans.dat from PBBans in my PB folder to ensure that banned players are unable to join our server? If so, will there be a conflict when I stream to Punksbusted as they overwrite that file when an update occurs.


2) very soon we will be using a competition .cfg and PAM Mod for our servers. There is a problem when players connect they are booted for this violation:


[12.12.2007 19:03:25] VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001: name (slot #1) Cvar r_fog = 1 [pbguid (VALID) xx.xxx.x.xxx:28960]


The fix they suggest is as follows from the CAL forums:


go to your server ftp mods>pam4 > pbsv.cfg


Copy that file to your desktop, delete the one in the ftp. Open the file on your desktop, ctrl+f to find "fog" set the line just like this


pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0 1 <--- A space between the two variables.


save it and then put this file in the pam4 folder where you took it out of.


Restart server, should be good to go.


If this doesn't work you will need to copy the pbsv.cfg file you edited to overwrite the other ones in,


If we run this mod and this is not fix and players are booted for this violation, are they placed on the Master Ban list?


Thank you!

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To answer your first question, simply check the box "Enforce" bans and it will not intefere with any local or other sites bans in the pbbans.dat file.

Thanky! I just noticed that box as well.

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pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0 1

If you use that you may as well remove the check since r_fog only has a 0 and 1 setting.


PAM devs need to fully explain why they need to disable fog imo.


r_fog = 1



r_fog = 0


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I think the screenshots speak for themselves.....removing the fog adds a big advantage over those who still see the fog....and in my opinion should not be allowed.

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Admns are free to remove any checks they wish and r_fog is one of the optional ones that we only kick for.


Removing that check will not effect any admin status at PBBans. :)


Take 2:


r_fog = 1



r_fog = 0


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The fog does definitely cause some older vid cards to "chug" a bit when encountered, but I'd have to say I agree with it as being an unfair advantage over those that still see it, and perhaps a cheat.


I do have a feeling that removing it was probably more for fps stability than anything else, especially for those who don't have high-end vid cards.

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One more question fellas,


I was told that the "pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0" is written into each ladders ruleset and that to fix the issue of people being booted we should edit the line to read "pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 1 0". I went ahead and changed it but the server is still booting.


One of the Admins on TWL and I were booted numerous times:


[12.17.2007 09:29:44] VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001: *WAR*Catscan (slot #1) Cvar r_fog = 0 [pbguid(VALID) xx.xxx.xx.xx:28960]


I realize this isnt your problem but maybe I am missing something simple and a set of new eyes would help. I attached a copy of their pbsv file with the changes I have made.


Thanks for looking =)



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pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0 will force everyone to disable fog, that is very stupid imo. WHat's next enable wallhack cvars too? But anyway.


Just change


pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 1



//pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 1

Guess the question remains why PAM allows it to begin with.




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I tried the // change but I am still being booted, tired of messing with it and guess I'll wait until they sort all this out. I really dont understand the issue of forcing 0, is this something we can change in our multi-player.cfg because I see no options anywhere from the client where I can change this to 0. I don't get it, the PAM works perfect in pub mode but once ya swap into comp mode this r_fog 0 kicks in.


Regarding why the PAM developers included this is because it was requested by the ladders as an option for each specific ladder or so I am told, lots of confusion on the various ladders.


Thanks for your help though, much appreciated.

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