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Kicked for a GAMESHACK cheat...


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Submitted one... no reply...other than the auto crap<-(just like calling on the phone and being told to press 1 for english.......)


i have uninstalled the game and reinstalled...saved my profiles tho... maybe they are corrupt ?


Either way it IS a PB error, that needs to be addressed... I have searched my complete system for any virus/trojan/adware....also tried manually updating the PB client..no effect... ran perfectly fine all day 12-14 & 12-15 with no issue... played for a cpl hours this am 12-16 and was fine... then out of the blue it just started booting me... my version of COD4 was downloaded from Gamestop with the auto updating Macrovision software... hope this tells you what you need to fix this. Otherwise i cant play... i wont play on the cheat servers...

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Hi Kas. unforutantely this is between you and PB, PBBAN's can't fix anything for you unless PB tells them it was a false positive before any hub ban can be removed, and that's if the ban is on the hub and not a global ban as PBBAN's is not part of PB/Evenbalance, they are a volunteer service of like minded admins that try to make punkbuster more effective at catching cheats for our benefit.

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I have the same problem with BF2 with a gamehack-kick, which i believe is a false positive under some circumstancs. If you are truly innocent open a new ticket and ask them for a tool, which is available by EB, to prove your innocence. State, that you believe you have been kicked for a false positive. Maybe that would help you out.


Good luck.

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