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Thank You Admins/Staff


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I wish once again to Thank the Admins and the Staff for you time and sincere considerations in my incident, and I can promise you, you did make a right decision this time.


I am Thankful for the mindsets of the persons involved and do wish to whole hearted apologize again for this incident and for the time you have each placed on this.


I have been in your shoes myself while gaming at Wolf and was a BF2server admin there, at WPN as a founding member and BF2 game admin there, in the FS as a JO-RVS/AS game admin there and founding member...


It is extremely difficult to research game servers dilemas and yet with some it is extremely easy to see the obvious and blatant violations.


I last do again apologize for this inconvience and extend a Heart felt Thank You for you earnest efforts and sincere considerations.... Thank You.....Shotty

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