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PBSVSS.HTM locations and formats


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I need some help with all games that use PB and have public PBSVSS.HTM files.


I have spoken to RodeoBob and he suggested I post this in public.


What I am doing is writing a stand alone screenshot viewer for all PB enabled games.


All I am looking for is the full http address for the file, IE the one you would enter into a web browser to view the page.


Games that I need helpl with are








Battlefield Vietnam


Call of Duty


Call of Duty 2




Doom 3


Enemy Territory


ET:Quake Wars




MOH: Airborne


Need for Speed Pro Street




Quake3 Arena




Rainbow Six RavenShield


Rainbow Six Vegas


Return to Castle Wolfenstien


Soldier of Fortune 2




I only need three from each game, if you would like to take part please post the full path for the PBSVSS.HTM below.


Thank you.



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The information I am asking for is not going to affect game play or enable cheating in any way.


It is to make it easier and faster to catch cheats.



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I thought you had to set that up to stream them send them out?

In that case wouldn't it be up to each server to set the path and port?


You may want to think about making that a user config field vs predefined.

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No, I am not after streaming information or any other form of classified information.


All I am seeking is the addresses to publicly viewable pbsvss.htm folders.


This is to save time for both myself and for users.


All my application will do is make it easier to view screenshots. It is similar to PBSSCollector and PBCool, but the big difference is it is not limited to AA.


The current version already views servers running AA, BF2 and COD4 without any trouble.


The biggest problem I/we have is keeping the application running fast, it slows down when a server does not respond, it waits for a response. We are working on a server list that contains active servers with viewable pbss's on them which is updated every 300 mins.


I have written and application to find all the servers, and a couple of people helping me have done similar things using PHP and scripts. The problem is that there are too many dead servers or IP ranges. An active server with active screenshots is very quick to scan, about 80 a min, but dead ranges or in-active servers slow the process to a crawl.



We also need the other games that I have listed so we can make sure they all work correctly with my application.



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i think most serveradmins keep theirs pbss folder protected due to privacy

To the best of my knowledge all PBSS folders have to be locked down to prevent tampering with the screenshots.


Why take screenshots and keep them private?


The idea of screenshots is you can see visable cheats in them, and as such can be used as evidence to get cheats banned. The only reason to keep them private is because you don't want people to see what is going on. I already have over 1,500 servers listed with publicly viewable screen shots, and the list is growing.


For those that don't know me I am staff with another anti-cheat organization, and am only writing this software because I play so many PB enabled games, and don't want to have to run different software for each game when looking at screenshots. Hence my screenshot viewer will view as many different games as possible.



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Why take screenshots and keep them private?

How about displaying the screens of innocent players, why would I make that info public?


So if i post the pic with: Ip, in game name, and guid then allow you to stream it to anyone who wishes, how will you protect the personal info of the innocent?

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most of the game servers only have a private access via ftp (4netplayers in germany) or an adequate tool (like clanforge for mpuk). there is no chance to give someone public access to the ss unless the admin setup an account for you. i don't think that many admins will give you an account for their game server.

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Like ours here


<a href="http://ballisticpc.com/etfiles/bpcboxsvss/screenshotssend.htm" target="_blank">http://ballisticpc.com/etfiles/bpcboxsvss/...enshotssend.htm</a>




My website admin has done all the coding to make this page work. the submit box just sends the screenshot to a bpc admin.

I will ask him if he wants to give out his coding so that others can do it.

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