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Help, can't play cod 4 in a pb server :(


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Whenever i try to play in a pb server in cod 4 i get kicked with "PunkBuster kicked player 'jyx' ( for 0 minutes ) ... Restriction Service Communication failure : PnkBstrB.exe handshaking"


I have updated my pb manually.


When i run pbsvc i get this:


Checking user is Administrator OK


Checking Administrator privileges OK


Opening Service Control Manager OK


Searching for PnkBstrA Found - OK


Extracting PnkBstrA service OK


Verifying service authenticity OK


Installing PunkBuster service OK


Installed at "C:\Windows\system32\PnkBstrA.exe"


Checking PunkBuster service status STOPPED


Starting PunkBuster service OK


Adding firewall rule for PnkBstrA OK


Adding firewall rule for PnkBstrB OK


Installation Finished.


Please click "Next" to test the PunkBuster services.



Starting PunkBuster Service Tests (v0.986) (12/31/07 09:49:58)


Checking OS


Windows NT 6.0 (build 6000) 32-bit


Checking PnkBstrA service status RUNNING


Checking PnkBstrA Version OK (1029)


Extracting "PnkBstrB.exe" to:






Checking firewall settings OFF


Is PnkBstrA explicitly allowed?


C:\Windows\system32\PnkBstrA.exe YES


Is PnkBstrB explicitly allowed?


C:\Windows\system32\PnkBstrB.exe YES


Checking if PnkBstrB is running RUNNING


Manually stopping PnkBstrB STOPPED


Getting port for PnkBstrA OK (44301)


Opening socket for packet send OK


Sending version packet to PnkBstrA FAILED


Anyone got any idea's on how i can not get kicked for handshaking failure :S



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You need to open up your control panel, navigate to Administrative Tools/Services and find PnkBsterA in the list, make sure it's set to Automatic rather than Manual or Stopped. PnkBstrB only runs when you load a PB-enabled game, so you'll want to keep this window opened, and start the game, then log into a PB server.


To minimize the game, just hit your Windows Start key. Now refresh the services list, and find PnkBstrB in the list and make sure it's set to Automatic as well. It sounds like you've got it set to either Manual or Stopped at the moment, and thus it's taking a lot longer to load up and make connection with the PB master servers. Your kick is coming from it timing out.


You'll also notice that you end up being able to log in and load up maps on servers a lot faster with it set this way.

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They were both already set to automatic :(


Does PnkBstrA.exe have to be in the processes tab in task manager, cause i don't see mine there, but it is there in the services tab? could this be the problem?

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Yes, PnkBstrA should be showing in the processes tab in task manager. Have you tried starting the process by right clicking on it in services and selecting restart?

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Just tried it, but it still doesn't show up in the processes tab :(


any other idea's on how to make it run in the process tab?


When i try to run PnkBstrA.exe is shuts before i can start the game.

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Have you tried updating it again using the pbsetup.exe file? If you don't have it, download it from evenbalance.com


Also, if you continue to have issues with PB, perhaps put in a troubleticket with them as they'll be able to help you troubleshoot the exact cause of your problem.

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