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Help Would be appreciated !


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I have posted my problem here, as it is my last resort, after spending two days trying to solve the problem without success.


My COD2 is installed on vista (Ultimatre, 32), and used to work fine. I haven't played it for a few months, and decided to again a couple of days ago, but I get kicked either immediately, or within a minute of joining any server.


The message that appears is simply:


Served disconnected - Icaru506

PunkBuster kicked player


There are no other error messages.

I've searched the forums high and low, and everytime anyone else reports a kick, it says for X minutes, or states a more specific code. Mine however doesn't !


I have uninstalled COD2 twice and reinstalled completely (Removing activision folder completetly each time after conventional uninstall)

I have updated to latest PB client.

I am running COD2 as an administrator.

I have checked that my GUID is not on the banned list for any reason

I have tried disabling my Firewall

I have tried disabling my Anti-virus


Yet the problem persists.


JFYO, my GUID is : f2c2d88c8ed47b2156903409c0a26d81


Typical ping would be 40-60


I tried using condump in the console to get my text, but it didn't seem to write the file (Probably Vista !!)


I have used the pb_plist, and it says I am authenticated, it reports no violations, and all OK configurations, and the console reports sucessful starting of Punkbuster.


The only message in the console when I am kicked is :


PunkBuster Client: Not connected to a server.


My Internet connection is fine.


I would really appreciate any help.


Thanks in anticipation,



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Sorry for the delayed reply but I was waiting for evenbalance to get back to me.


There has been a problem in the last month or so with punkbuster and kick messages, as in lack of.


The only infomation the player receives is


"player kicked by punkbuster"


which means who have no clue what the problem is and how to fix it.


However the reason is still recorded in server logs, and if you add firestorm93 to your xfire and can arrage for you to join my server and then I will retreve the reason out of my server logs for you.


Evenbalance is currently fixing the problem anyway but when that will be I don't know.


=S.A.S= Firestorm

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