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  1. From the looks of it the league is still new so you will not be able to get league admin access for the time being. On top of that league admin access has some requirements that must be met. For more information contact RoadWarrior who is the league coordinator. He can help you further. FireStorm
  2. Only GUIDs which are caught hacking will ever been banned here at PBBans, a full 32 digit PB GUID is the only sure fire way to know the player you are banning, is the one caught hacking. All this linking in MPI via IP address and alias matches for one is not only unreliable, mainly because most people don't know how to fully match and link a GUID together with another one, but can also be forged most of the time. If you really wanted to you could fake a player name, get lucky with a IP address link up and then you are tarring a completely innocent player. The effect of this becomes mu
  3. Link to his ban at PBBans here http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-9bcc7624-vb164515.html As well This GUID is globally banned by EvenBalance. So long and short of it, he is free to go to the link above and follow instructions to appeal his ban with a trouble ticket at EB, but its highly unlikely they will lift his global ban, and with a global ban in place his appeal against his pbban will also be denied. Most likely cause of all this... he hacked ... got caught out like 2000 other players ... and is now paying the price. FireStorm
  4. If it is indeed a 50116 AIMBOT VIOLATION as you stated in your OP then most likely he has also acquired a GLOBAL ban from Evenbalance themselfs. We here at PBBans have no control over these bans and the only person who can lift them are the makers of Punkbuster themselfs. Go ahead and tell him to open a trouble ticket and appeal but until evenbalance lift there global ban (I have never seen one lifted yet) his appeal will be automatically denied here because of it. FireStorm
  5. The Saga continues, 1st p2p file sharing now p2p gaming = same result from isps. They don't like it :P Full Story -- > http://www.gossipgamers.com/another-mw2-iw-net-fail-isp-banning/
  6. Remember that only the PC version has advanced features like text chat. If you gave every xBox owner a keyboard as well it would prob be a bit more balanced, I fail to believe that PC gamers are less mature than xBox gamers. We just have higher standards. Its ashame how unlock systems are now used to give longevity to a game, instead of just making a good game players will want to keep coming back to.
  7. Only if you are on a listening server, there is the choice of using dedicated servers in l4d and l4d2. And they do this while using a matchmaking system as well :P. Using a dedicated server I normally get normal dedi ping times, ie 30 to uk, 40 to nl 60 to de. Lag free gaming with matchmaking IS possible. FireStorm
  8. Can we neg rep duality yet :P Jokes :D Nah in all seriousness I would half agree, that the game is fine for the casual gamer. As Duality said, if that is all you are and expecting then there is no problem. IW has brought on this hate upon themselves the PC community made them and the cod franchise what it is today, and they have clearly turned there backs on them. There are out there to make money, they have realised there massive potential of the casual gamer which far exceeds the smaller hardcore, clan gamers. I found this article to be quite spot on with the direction they are going
  9. And no pbss to catch them :D pb catches that particular hack often with pbss. VAC Fail :D
  10. I would not waste the money on it tbh, there are far better games out there to spend your money on rather than spending it on a concept that is inherently flawed and broken. How many people have a decent enought connection in the UK to really support even a 12 player game? Not at a decent net rate it should be played at. COD WAW Zombies is laggy enough with 4 players (feels like I am predicting a quake rocket not a hit scan) and it can only work off the same constrights. You are right about the boycott thing is not gonna affect them much, as the sales has already surpassed record levels bu
  11. is enjoying the new fourms :D

  12. Well, I stopped playing the cod series at MW and only play WAW for the zombies mode. i did't even pre-order MW2 to start with because I knew the direction they were taking the game down with more perks and more kill streaks etc. Its funny really, they used to port the PC game to the console, now they are porting the console game to the PC. Theres no real question about it, the COD series has become mainstream and has descended into a console shoot em up. Not only has it been dumbed down by a long list of 'balance' changes (lean, kill streaks, player reductions, FOV) but the level of custom
  13. Well we are gonna need the number of the AccID for the team account and the user name which you are unable to login on. Jump on IRC and pm me on there if you want. Ill try and sort it for you.
  14. Sorry bit of a delay reaction here but what game? I know in call of duty 2 if you use your binoculars it would shift the person specing you. Maybe its something like that. FireStorm
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