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enable punkbuster


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hi, i'm having trouble getting nito servers in bf2 that are punkbuster enabled,telling me to enable it. yet i have installed it and the latest updated for it.i've tried re-installing it and still unable to join servers any help with this would be appreciated.

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Are there any pb errors coming up on your screen? Or is it just saying that you need to enable pb to play on "said server name"?


Some players end up having to download the htm files manually from evenbalance.com and put them into the pb folder, and then run pbsetup.exe once more afterwards, to make sure that it updates properly.

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warrior yea it's just saying i need to enable pb to get into server yet it's checked in the filter list. which files would i need to download and place them where?..help with this is appreciated

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Have you enabled PB from the in-game menu? Sounds to my like you're just turning on the filter to sort pb-enabled servers from non pb servers, but not actually enabling pb for the game itself.

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