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I have been a member at PSB 22-April 04. I must say after being here a few days and having a look around. This is all quite impressive. My hats off to all PBbans admins. Nothing but quick and expert help. I love the hub. Its nice to be live, and not have to wait on an auto-MBL rep. The pb configs here for my game were up to date, with some nice MD5 checks. The fact that the checks will work for all versions of my game is super.

I like the professional no nonsense approach. Someone should have told me about this hub sooner. :P There is no reason for any server admin not to join. If you can use rcon. You can be streaming, and well protected from cheats in just a few minutes.

I just bought a high dollar gaming rig. Give me 30 days to pay off some christmas debt. Then I will be glad to make a donation to help support this great site.

Thanks guys for what you do!

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