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    wine, women, song. Yes real life games too.

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  1. "I have just returned from visiting the Marines at the front, and there is not a finer fighting organization in the world." (General Douglas MacArthur, USA, outskirts of Seoul, 21 September 1950.)

    God Bless you!

  2. EvilJohn

    i dont get it

    Web site looks good. But it lacks one thing. One of those sexy PBBans banners on the homepage. Listing how many servers are streaming, and the latest bans. :P
  3. EvilJohn

    i dont get it

    My forums are viewable also. But posting is only done by registered users. Put the wife on this problem. If she can't fix it, its the free forums your using. But that would surprises me. Because they want all those advertisements to be seen in the forums. :P
  4. EvilJohn

    Spoofed GUIDS

    I had to remove the ban masks on 190, so one of my regulars could join. Which was no big deal. But that could be what the problem is for some not being able to join.
  5. EvilJohn

    Spoofed GUIDS

    Ok you got me. LOL. What I meant was no key to manually type in like a paid game.
  6. EvilJohn

    Spoofed GUIDS

    There are no CD keys in enemy-territory
  7. The whole ranked system is a joke. Just another way to make more money, after the game is purchased. Takes away from team play. Any gamer who supports it. Just adds to the next generation of games doing the same thing. Your attacking the wrong party. Look to the game maker. I see you don't describe how he lost his key. I guess we would not want to take responsibility for any lack in security. Flame on!
  8. EvilJohn

    Nvidia contest

  9. EvilJohn

    Hub Downtime

    I also have no ads on my website. Thank you for keeping it this way.
  10. EvilJohn

    Hub Downtime

  11. Very Evil sig. I like it.

  12. EvilJohn

    Hub Downtime

    +1 Donation. Thank you for your most excellent service. The community would not be the same without the help it receives here. From these fine people who offer their time and resources. Plus have the patience to answer some of the same questions over, and over. Then only to be attacked by others on the net. God bless you all.
  13. EvilJohn

    Hub Downtime

    I am always protected. I never fire the server up without it. [01.13.2009 16:37:55] VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #71006: ^7et^gG^7*^gD^7o^gGG^7y (slot #1) [17a937094c400fd88261a84f46285a2a(VALID:8)] :P
  14. EvilJohn

    IP Spoofing= How Do I Stop It?

    Good listening if you have the time. Its about INTERNET privacy. http://a4.g.akamai.net/7/4/27043/v00...s/080623cv.mp3

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