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I`m making this posting for those of you who are like me and need a step by step guide for setting up a Call of Duty 4 server. My experience comes from playing BF2 and using bf2cc. Which most of you gamers and server admin don`t prefer. For me though, I like the all in one packages and up front server controllers but for other more educated admins the rcon is the way to go. Anyway here`s what I came up with for setting up a CoD 4 server.


Go here http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38332 and go down to the 5th posting by EuT.be and click on ModernRcon_v0.4.zip.(save file)


Find the file on your computer and right click on the folder. Hit EXTRACT ALL.

Click on the folder without the zipper and find ModernRcon_v0.4.exe

The ModernRcon box should pop up: From here fill in the DETAILS box.(label - your server name, Host - Your IP)

Connect to your server that can now be located in your server box

From here the Tabs are pretty up front. To update things you just click the send button.

Some things you may have to go to your server host and access your control panel through them to change things.

So, that`s setting up your CoD 4 server.


Now you want server messages right? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of adding files to your configs. This is easy trust me. You can do all this from your server host control panel. Go here again http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38332 and go down to the 7th posting. Just pretty much copy and paste the text in the box but change it to what you want. You may have to play around a little to get it right but it`s easy.

From the start: Log into your server host control panel.

Locate your File Manager

Click on your pb folder

Inside the folder find pbsv.cfg and open it

scroll down and add a new line pb_sv_load servermsg.cfg

Save and close the file

Now go up and create a new file in your pb folder called servermsg.cfg

This is where you`re going to copy and paste from the link above that you modified for your server.

Once you have this the way you want it, go to the ModernRcon and in the console put pb_sv_restart and hit enter.


Now, do you have other clan members you want to be able to kick players who are not following the rules? Of course, so now this is a little tricky but also not to bad to do.

Have your clan members join your CoD 4 server.(this is the easy way)

Now you can do this one of two ways but I found doing it from inside the game was easier or worked for me.

While in the game press ~

The console should pop up then put in /pb_plist

This will show you the players on the server and what slot their in.

It may go to fast and you won`t be able to see it so just press shift + ~

Then scroll until you see the players names.

(you may need your rcon pw from here not sure I didn`t. If so, I believe it would be /rcon pw then enter)

Now find the admin/player you want to be able to kick and right down his/her slot #

Press ~ again and type pb_sv_power slot# 10 (this has now increased his pb power and he can now kick)


Now that admin/player can do this and kick:

press ~ pb_kick slot# of player being kicked

2 links for more info on the pb power:




If the above for whatever reason doesn`t work you can follow the same steps in the ModernRcon. Also, not sure if any of you have crossed this path either but you can be temp banned from your server if the players decide to do a kick vote against you. That`s for 1 hour unless you change the time in your server configs. So, what I did was turned it off.


I`d like to thank all the other pbbans members who helped me with this guide. Especially Decap! If anyone has anything to add please do and if something may not be totally correct feel free to correct it. Sorry if this guide is all over the place but this is all I have learned in like 2 weeks. It`s been a PAIN in the A$$.

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To protect yourself against the vote kicks, server admin should set themselves up with punkbuster player-power via rcon. This is actually explained rather well on the evenbalance.com site under Enemy Territory, but it applies to all punkbuster-related games. The big ticket here, for main admin, is that they can give themselves the power to veto such votes with the stroke of one key that they choose to bind to the task. Usually voting is related to F1 and F2 for PB-related games, 1 being yes, 2 being no.


If someone starts a vote to kick you, simply hitting F2 will veto the vote, no matter how many of them vote yes due to the fact you've set yourself with 100% power. You can alternately change the percentage for secondary and so-on admin, depending on how you run your server/clan, etc.



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