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How to play on FEAR PB servers without EB Support?


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Because alot of people still dont know where to look for the fixes ill try it this way by creating one sticky with all the info.


Punkbuster support ended (Evenbalance/PBBans december 2007)

This means the following services will not be available for FEAR Combat/Retail:

- Evenbalance's PBSetup to autoupdate your PB Client/Server

- Evenbalance's manual update downloads for your PB Client/Server

- Evenbalance's Troubletickets about errors updating

- PBBans will no longer allow FEAR servers to stream

- PBBans will no longer update MD5tool scans

- PBBans will no longer add FEAR catches to MBI


So what do i need to play on PB Enabled servers if I just installed/re-installed the game?

1) Update your FEAR Combat/Retail to the most current version (v1.08)


2) Install the Punkbuster Services (not included with the game setup)

download it here: http://www.evenbalance.com/downloads/pbsvc/pbsvc.exe


3) rename the original PB folders in BOTH your gamedir, asswell as your fear userdir.

This so u can replace the /PB/ folders with the PBdir included in my PBfix WinRAR archive

Gamedir is most likely in c:\Program Files\sierra\FEAR

User Directory can be found through: Start > Programs > FEAR > Shortcut to Userdirectory


Download the PBfix at this url (file at the bottom)



And now?

Now you should be able to play just fine. If u still run into PB Errors please write down the exact error and include it in your reply :)

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