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Screenshot Anomoly


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I'm flipping through my screenshots and about every 10th one comes out looking like this. It was really starting to bug me because they were SUPPOSED to be screenshots of the match end scores, and I wondered if a percentage of my screenshots returned to servers looked like that. (That would be bad lol)


I think I figured out what is happening..


At the end of the match, if you hold tab + hit your screenshot button before the ending scoreboard pops up, it will not draw the scoreboard at all...it draws what was in that picture.


Can anyone else duplicate this error?


Using two x1950s in Crossfire + latest ATI drivers, btw.

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I have heard about this bug with crossfire systems, although the one I read about seemed to actually see that in game also, which I guess you don't (for about one minute)


I can't remember where I read it though sorry

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So it only gets stranger. Using the in game screenshot button (not printscreen/xfire/fraps/console screenshot) this happened at the end of the game.


I took a screenshot of my score:


Posted Image


Then I simply scrolled down to take a screenshot of the other team's scores (knew some people on the team and wanted some material for their forum :D )


Posted Image


Whisky Tango Foxtrot!! Well I guess it mostly has to do with end game scores, so for matches and anything important I will delegate someone else on my team to screenshot the end game score, since we can't count on mine.


I can't figure out what causes it...but I've documented it so if someone else has the problem in the future they won't feel so alone.

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I found another guy with the same problem...JackDaw over at Punksbusted posted a video related to the Mouse Circle issue:




And oddly in the video you can see the same graphics glitch that shows up in a percentage of my screenshots, except mine doesn't ever flicker in game. It must have to do with the recording software he is using because my mouse software doesn't support...nor would I want...mouse circles when I hit control.

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