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Same deal


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The response from the server when you issue the command ;)

says its up and running yet the hub still says no streaming ive done the suggested cures no results..:( like 3 times why isnt it streaming?



please help


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For ease of keeping track, try and keep this issue in your original thread so we can see what you've done and be able to help with what's next.


What response do you get from the server, once rebooted, by typing in /rcon pb_sv_uconlist?


In case you're relatively new to using rcon, and are doing this from in-game, make sure you've logged into rcon first. Type /rcon_login "passwordwithoutquotes" into the game's console. From there you can simply type in the /rcon commands one at a time. I'm not sure if this is the case, but double-checking to make sure you're actually logged in properly before entering the commands. If you need extra help, feel free to pm me. I also run my own cod4 server and have had to enter the rcon commands a few times to get servers streaming in the past. Am more than willing to give you a hand if needed.

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awesome man thank u much....could we chat threw xfire or teamspeak...



OK TEAMSPEAK...Posted Image



XFIRE...USERNAME pantsdown


screen name -<BoW>-ΞROCKΞ




Posted Image


Posted Image


talk to u soon i am in est time zone its 11:16pm here i ll be up for a while got a cold rack of beer...life is good...lol :D

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Would like to say a special thanks to Road warrior :rockon:

Thanks man great job helping me get my server to stream...


And thanks to you PBBans For streaming to my server to get the punks :busted2: ....lol


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Posted Image

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