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i am about to install a 2nd PC at home running on one hi speed ADSL line so that two members of family can play 2142 at the same time. Both PC's are running legitimate copies of 2142 (ie 2 seperate cd's) with their own id codes.

My question is, do i have to set up anything special with regards to punkbuster as both copies will be running at the same time probably on the same 2142 server and hopefully on the same squad. We also play COD4 and BF2 which should not pose a problem, but i am just checking with regards to 2142 as the requirement will probably turn into 3 PC's fairly shortly



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Bf2/bf2142 should be fine, for COD2/4 you may have to alter the net port in your commandline. Depends on the server your trying to connect to

For CoD, CoD:UO, CoD2 have all worked fine for Multiple PCs from 1 IP, as long as there

were separate CD-Keys = separate GUIDs. Several Clanmates with kids, and as far as I

know, none had to mess with ports.

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