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BF2142 Instantly kicked -


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Hi, i had some trouble with BF2142 along time ago, maybe a year..


It stopped working, but i never tried to fix it as i was going to university in a week, so no need.


but, i want to play it again-


Completly different install Operating System and Game -


When i join a game i get kicked. Just go back to the game menu with he big letters "PUNKBUSTER".


After much googling, and other rubbish i got my GUID


<span class="black-12">The GUID <b>5c718f4d</b> is not on our ban list.
   		If you are receiving a Global Ban message, this is an EvenBalance issue and is out of our control. Please visit		  <a href="http://www.evenbalance.com/" target="_blank">EvenBalance.com</a> for more information.</span>

So, i popped on your IRC room... btw one of yours mods aint very helpfull :P, wont name names tho...


<Pantho> 41] <@Pbbansircmod1> !guid 5c718f4d
 <Pantho> [20:41] <@Pbbansircmod1> 6GUID12 5c718f4d6 is not on MBI.
 <Pantho> [20:41] <@Pbbansircmod1> your guid is globally banned

Says not on MBI? whats that mean, i was kick banned as soon as that was put up :(


Can someone help me please?


And if i am Globally banned, does this mean ann PB games? or all PB Games on my hardware.. im confused!

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