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In-game voting.

Sir Foo KWSN

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there is also an oldvote command too


dont have it right off hand have to look in my configs


but its in the form of allow_oldvote or something to that nature


not sure what that does but it is in the game as well

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Noticed an issue with voting on my COD4 server the other day that forced me to turn it off, as well.


Couple of random kiddies came in, started voting for map changes, and eventually got enough of their buddies on to force it, along with game_type change from something other than my server runs.


Seems this will be an annoyance for a while until server admin turn the feature off and start banning for it.


Gave the kids a temp-ban at the time, but they do try it again here and there, and I'll likely start local-banning for the issue.


Not sure if the vote issue is as bugged as ET is, but with ET, votes could be run from the console even if it was disabled on the server itself, so be aware that this could happen, and it will become annoying if the kiddies figure that option out.

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