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"(name)kicked...PB INIT FAILURE"? Can Somone help me?


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Hi, this is my first time posting here.


I just got a copy of call of duty 4: modern warefare last week and I love it.


After finishing the single player, I decided to play the multiplayer. After killing one person this message appears "(name)kicked...PB INIT FAILURE" and I leave the game. After trying 8 times, the same thing happens again and again. Why am I always getting kicked? can someone help me?


I have an original copy of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare v1.0

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Head over to www.evenbalance.com and download the PBSETUP.exe from their site, then slide it into your pb folder in the game's install folder and run the exe to update your pb files. Other than that, make sure that your firewall doesn't block PnkBstrA and B.exe files once installed.

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You're most welcome, and glad it's working. Not everyone seems to get it working right off, somewhere's between Vista and XP and such. Most of the information works cross-platform, but once in a while Vista glitches something up due to how people learning the new curve of it don't quite do it right.


I'll be re-installing it next week on a second drive just to test it out and offer more support in that manner.

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