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Anti-Cheat Patent


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I was searching through google patents and I found this:




I also noticed the Effective Date on it:


Issue date: Jan 30, 2007


I think its kind of funny that some guy beat Valve, Even Balance, and all the other AC companies to the punch. I wonder what will come out of this once the patent becomes effective tomarrow.

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hmmm date is relevant how??

oh yeah all ac sites have been using his patent for 1 year :P

if it is legal then i wouldnt be making too much noise about it tbh and hope he has forgoten about it too

i dont know if it is legal or not but all i say is if you like me dont know then dont draw attention to this 6 year old aplication and hope the guy has moved on, as it could cost ac sites a lot of money if his patent is legal and being infringed :P:p

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