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Retrospective Bans?


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First: welcome back (probably sick of hearing that now :) )


Second: Whilst you were off-line we had a couple of hackers attempt to play on our server, which PB detected and ban:


[01.25.2008 21:36:38] VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50120: No HoPe :S (slot #20) Violation (AIMBOT) #50120 [353d590122fe822bcc1e1c0eb09fec34(VALID)]

[01.26.2008 21:58:28] VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50104: wehr (slot #20) Violation (AIMBOT) #50104 [05db03b609ef0bbc8112958721dc1342(VALID)]

We stream our public and match server through the EDOM site and therefore use thier account - so we don't have our own, and i'm wondering that if these past bans will make it onto the Global ban list. I've checked on your database and allthough the player 'wehr' shows up (in Australia!) the other is not shown.


I'm wondering how to procede now as we also stream to PsB but i'm unable to check there as the site is down for extended maintenance. I hate for these two to slip through the net...


If you need any further info please contact me, many thanks, keep up the good work.



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