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Most common cheater names


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When you see people with these names or as part of their name in a server this is some estimated percentages on the chances they are a cheat.



Need clan is at about 33%


aimbot is at about 18%


h4x is about 15%


Lol is at about 11%


clanless is at about 11%



Just for fun, might add more later. :P

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Alright, Speaking of names, can anyone tell me what casues Black ASCII like characters in the person name only in the awards board. They also change from map to map when the sme person has on the awards on different matches.... Oh and before I get the ........ ASCII characters are not allowed in the names on the server, it does kick for it, if they get in in the first place. This is different.



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Unnamedplayer is rather common with cheats...wish more servers would put that name & it's variations on a bad name list.

ya but then fresh rookie's to the game wouldnt get a chance to connect to your server an change it.


imo when a player calls himself "noob" its always summin dodgy :lol:

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