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Hey, I was wondering about what this violation was? Two of my members were kicked from our server





I was just curious about the actual violation. If someone could explain or link me somewhere on forums with more info that would be great. MD5Tool Mismatch: maps/Entry.rsm (len=32) is what the extra info says, so I thought it was a map thing, but we were playing presidio...?



Thanks a lot.

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It's an MD5 tool check, not a cvar ;)


Basically, this means the players in question had files in their game folder which are bannable for (see the PBBans MCi). Click the ban appeal link if you feel the bans are not valid.

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am i wrong... i could be mistaken, but believe not all 9002 are cheats .... some are just md5 checks that you will get the UBI boot for having a file or line of code in question... admin correct me if im wrong...

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