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  1. Co-op mod for RtCW SP for those of us still playing it is finally released: http://www.moddb.com/mods/rtcw-classic-cooperative-campaign
  2. Yay for Facebook rape ;o

  3. Just checked in now. Several thousand emails to filter through which will probably take a little while to sort through. I'm working 6 and 7 days a week currently and I haven't played a game on my PC in over two months now. Gaming and online forums took a bit of a back-seat unfortunately. Hopefully I'll have a LOT more free time in the next couple of weeks so I can become far more active within the gaming community once again.
  4. So, Ubuntu 9.10 was released yesterday. Anybody tried it yet?
  5. I'll stick with Ubuntu I think. It boots up far faster than the Windows 7 BETA ever did, and everything runs a lot quicker aswell :)
  6. Your forum account has also been un-restricted. Many thanks for dealing with this issue in a civilised manner :)
  7. Didn't really expect it to be released on the 4th to be honest. Expecting any major software corporation to meet deadlines seems to be too much to expect to be honest.
  8. You applied for a streaming account from the same IP address as your server. The majority of the time, this means the applicant is attempting to stream a home hosted server. As this is a violation of our Terms of Service, your account submission was denied.
  9. I'll take a look at those some time next week. Priority goes to those who have their servers streaming to PBBans for obvious reasons.
  10. UK based players can obtain the game with free delivery for
  11. Have a look around, you can pre-order it already. The price will be listed when you pre-order.
  12. Saw very little worth commenting on in that demo. I'd say clean based off that alone. Also note that if a demo shows cheating, the server it was recorded on will need to be streaming here before any action can be taken against the player.
  13. I still honestly fail to see the appeal of the iPhone. Hardware wise, it lacks a decent camera. Software wise, it lacks picture messaging and additional keyboard options. Applications must also be purchased from the Appstore which will soon become expensive. You can't just go out on the net and download programs to install. Still, each to their own :D
  14. I didn't like the idea of the surepress screen if I'm honest; I'd much rather have haptic feedback. Plus, there are far too many software bugs. I'm going off my HTC Touch Diamond currently, mainly due to Windows Mobile. It's slow, over-complicated and requires a couple of soft resets each day to keep the RAM usage down. Good hardware, shame about the O/S.
  15. PBBans uses live banning. We will not be delaying bans - they will always be live to provide servers with the best protection. If a cheater is caught cheating, why allow them to continue playing? Bans are sent to all streaming servers within a matter of seconds, and that will always remain so. MD5 updates can be provided via PBUCON already. Check the tickboxes in your account manager. I'm not sure what you're asking for with idea 3. Are you asking for an option to be able to create custom bind scans? All PBSS are already verified by MD5 checksum, not by any other information. This
  16. Yup, I think Ubuntu'll take some work to beat. Other Linux distributions are also excellent, although none are quite as friendly as Ubuntu (try to get MP3 support working in Fedora without having to research it for example).
  17. Not using another Windows operating system after Vista. Put me off for life.
  18. Are these the existing team details? If so, Rogue_ASSA$IN is the head of the team. *************************************************************** Team: =XVS=Clan (=XVS=) Account ID: 5424 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- User List --------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue_ASS
  19. There is no reason that Tom Tom GPS Event Logger should interfere with a directory intended exclusively for game content. MD5 tool checks only look in the game directory.
  20. I still fail to see the point of it - what difference is there to Quake III, other than having to launch your web browser, navigate to the page, then play it. Seems more of a fiddle to play than clicking a desktop icon. It's not like it's quicker to install or requires less downloads either.
  21. Got it going on my desktop right now aswell - it boots up in just over 10 seconds, and runs incredibly smoothly. Beats Windows any day :) Sadly, syncing with Windows Mobile devices still leaves a lot to be desired. Other than that though, no complaints from me.
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