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Hey Guys


Is it possible to restrict kits but keep the server ranked ???


I am running the 4 config files gametype, maprotation etc and when I change the values on GL`s, martadom and last stand to 0 instead of 1 then reload the server all these weapons are still usable ???? <_<


Thx in advance .. ;)

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Unfortunately you must use a mod in order to do any restrictions in cod4.. I currently use the Extreme mod which in my opinion allows for the most control over your server and its options. Using extreme mod you can restrict any weapon easily.


|TFR| Extreme Hardcore

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This was pulled from a post on the Infinity Ward forum. Click here visit the post.




Below is a complete breakdown of the PC Server-side options available in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare including the default server options for setting up any server as well as config file options for modded servers complete with small descriptions for each. The Black Bullets are parent configs which can be altered with the white bullets being child configs of the parent. Keep in mind that all servers using MODDED config files will be UnRanked. All servers using default config files with no changes will be Ranked.


For example:

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