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Maybe someone can help me from here. This is for setting up a server for a twl ladder. Whenever I put in the command /set pam_mode "twl_ladder_stk", the server starts kicking for r_fog = 0. As far as I know, pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0 1 should allow r_fog to be set to 0. I have loaded the pbsv.cfg file they use for twl, checked the pbsvuser.cfg to make sure the check was done correctly, and tried restarting pb through modern rcon v0.5 and rcon while in the server. The problem is that when I check the cvar list in the server, it says that r_fog must be set = 1. This tells me that the server isn't updating to the new cvar scans. Are there other files that contain cvar info? Or, does anyone else have an idea what might be causing this issue?

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There many threads here dealing with the issue.


The short of it: One of the easiest fixes is to comment out the fog check if you are running a PAM4 mod.


In your pbsvuser.cfg file, put two slashes in front of the "pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0 1"


So now it would look like: "//pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0 1"

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Also look for duplicate lines within both configs.


If you've added checks over and above the stock checks or the pbbans checks, it is possible one part of the config is looking at one cvar range while another is sending it a different check.

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I haven't found any duplicates in the pbsv.cfg or the pbsvuser.cfg, and both of the checks were set like this pb_sv_cvar r_fog IN 0 1. The only thing I can think of is trying a complete reinstall of pb on that server. The cfgs are loaded right, but it won't update to them.

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MEh! Damn main server guy set things up different since we were having some probs with the server before. He just forgot to pass the info to me so that I knew where the server was getting its files from. :banghead:

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