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Account Blocked...


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Could an admin please email me?


We got our account blocked because we 'used' to have a cracked server... Which was our host' fault. We now switched servers and it's no longer cracked.


So we would like to have our account unblocked. I wanted to email an admin but I can't find an email on the website :)


Friendly Regards,


Admins @ Woot Dynam-X

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Our host informed us wrong then :( too bad...


By the way, how can I change/remove the PBHub message on joining a server?? Cause I can't get into the Account Manager...


Could an admin please remove it or at least tell me how to remove it myself?

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I mean the "welcome message" PBBHubs does. Everytime I join a PBBans streamed server it does that... if not please just delete my account :)

That's the Server Admin. He has his server set so anyone joining his server will get "greeted".
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It's not MY server that's sending the messages but every OTHER PBBHub server I join. It says something like "*wDx*Lunatic - Gaming for Gamers - www.wootdynam-x.co.uk" because I set it to say that in the account manager. (Yes you can set a welcome message in there! :o)


But if ya can't give me access to that, please just delete my account so at least that message disappears!

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