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Enemy Territory


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I swear im seeing an explosion of cheats in Enemy Territory. My friend says I am trippin and that these guys are just real good, but some of the shit they are doing is damn near impossible. Am I paranoid or are these guys realy that plentiful... Also what do I look for if I suspect one of these dicks is hacking. Thanks


P.s. I am telling my pard to read these responses so we can clear this up once and for all.

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Since Bani is the developer of ET Pro, that would be the basis. I don't particularly like the Cheat Protection reporting in ET Pro however, and I don't use their ban list on our server.

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yeah, i keep seeing this guy called "linux rookie" on servers everytime he goes on an etpro3 server it says "Linux Rookie is cheating, and cheat kicking has been disabled" but, beleive me, this guy is NOT cheatin

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