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Since you decided it wasn't worth your time to reply to me I went out searching myself and found the answer I was looking for - Punkbuster isn't worth a rats hairy ass. I found numerous hacks for ET that went quite unnoticed by your piece of shit anti-cheat software. I don't condone cheating nor do I plan to in the future but I was getting aggravated because I just knew there were a shitload of cheats out there, and I was right. Oh BTW, there was a message attached to one of these hacks:


I also want to dedicate this cheat to Terrynator,

the 50 year old geezer who admins the other site.com.

Terrynator, you are a loser... how about you spend

time with your kids instead of being a pleasure

policeman? pffft. I hope that I am not as messed up

as you are when I am 50, jesus. If I am that messed

up, I am just going to kill myself rather than live

in denial of what I really would become. You seem

to enjoy blaspheming 15 year old cheat coders, yet

when they reply with logic and common sence you ban

them as if they had cursed your mother. Oh, and a

word of advice: YOU ARE NOT PUNKBUSTER, and untill

you are, I have no respect for you and neither does

anyone else. At least PUNKBUSTER employees can code.




Oh, and in the admin department: How long has your

website been up? Yea, since 2002. My site has been

up for only 17 weeks (1/3 of a year) and we already

have 3000 members as of Feb 22. In addition, we are

now growing at over 100 members per day. Your site

has 4,000 ppl and is growing at ~15 users per day.

So... Have fun at your "kiddy forum" big guy.*wink*




It was signed Ronin or something.

Apparently I will have to quit playing ET because PB just cant meet the challenge. A shame cuz I like the game but I wont play it if everyone is using these things.

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So what are we supposed to do?

We're not Punkbuster, we can't add new cheat detection to the PB software.


All we can do is combine bans from participating server admins and hope any ET admin that wants a cheat-free server uses the list.


We'll never be able to stop every cheater.


My advice: find a few good servers where you know the admins and know they try to run as cheat-free a server as possible.


In regards to your other post, if you are a server admin, sign up.

If not, encourage the admins where you play to sign up.

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Stinkles.....I read your original post. It bascially says what everyone knows......there are new cheats/hacks coming out for ET. Have you tried sending any of those to [email protected] ?


I also think you are a bit confused....as some others are. PBBans.com is not EvenBalance.com (the makers of PunkBuster). If you are wanting to keep your game server as cheat free as possible.....instead of bashing....why not register and prove your point.

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I will do like you said and send these programs to evenbalance.com, but I still think PB is overwhelmed against these guys, especially with games like ET which have been out for a while. Plus the source code is readily available for modders, so what do they expect? As for the guy that said remove my message - you're not gonna get anywhere hearing only what you want to hear, you big baby bitch.

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well ty for the compliment...


maybe next time when you make a post state that PB doesnt detect new cheats and that they need to stay up to date, then I will reply with maybe send those cheats or links of sites to evenbalance :)

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There is no software out there in the world that works on everything. Whether it be anti-virus, a firewall, or anything else that a computer may run. And the fact that the software is in place, doesn't mean that it can just be left to work on it's own. If you look at Punk Buster, there are a number of tools available to help admins catch cheaters that the system is not catching. Like any other piece of software, it needs to be manually kept up to date, and the available tools must be utilized in order to provide the best possible protection. Please realize that there is no "magic way" to install software on a server, and then just live in a totally cheat free enviroment. It is this way in online gaming, just as it is in everything else in the world. The purpose of pbbans.com is to work together in order to provide the best protection we can by making sure that we all keep eachother up to date on new cheat issues and anti-cheat software, and that we share our catches with eachother to keep hackers off our servers once they are caught so they cannot just upgrade to a new undetectable cheat each time they are caught with the one that Punk Buster has figured out or added to their code.


As far as Punk Buster not being worth a "ratt's hairy ass"? I would have to disagree since the amount of cheaters on our servers has decreased exponentially since we enabled and updated it properly along with using the MBI here at pbbans.com. And through the use of the various tools available in Punk Buster, more cheats are removed all the time. You just have to understand how to properly configure and utilize the system in order to notice the big difference it makes. While not perfect, our clan's opinion of it is that it is the best tool out there presently to achieve as cheat free servers as possible.

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