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Wondering reason for past cleared ban


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Hello there, everyone. Just a quick question..


I play BF2 and sometimes I just search the PB banlist to see who's on there, nothing special. I searched for my name (PregnantPickle) just for kicks, and suprisingly it finds me on their list, albeit a "clean player".


Now, I know that I've never hacked, glitched, or even used a macro at all in my whole history of playing BF2. As of late, I've learned to become a rather ridiculous sniper & I get accused of hacking incessently..& I don't want to give these noobs any sort of imaginary evidence for their false claims.


Even though I'm "cleared" or whatever, is there any sort of PB admin I can speak with & find out why I'm on the list in the first place?


Thanks a bunch,



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Your on the pbbans list as being a clean player....no errors or cheats\hacks..you've got a perfect clean record...Your on the list because you've played on servers that stream here to pbbans..thats a good thing. As far as people calling you a cheater there is no evidence here that you cheat ...all they can do is ban you from the server you play on at the server admins request... thats there choice to do , its there server...I wouldnt worry about it,,theres other servers to play on...

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Oh, ok. It was just odd having my username pop up in a search, whereas some of my clanmates' usernames would not. We play in the same servers every day, so I guess I'm confused as to how I would be designated a "clean player" and my clanmates wouldn't.

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If they played on a streaming server there name will also be listed here . If the servers you play on mostly "dont" stream here then no, there names wont be listed... As for why you cant see them , my guess is you need to be a streaming gaming admin in order to see all names clean and dirty ones... if one of your clansmmen has a dirty record here you would be able to see that thou.

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