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Continued failed/black screenshots


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I know the exact hack you're talking about.


Sending a copy to EB wouldn't do much good. It would be undetected again within hours, and you'd have wasted your money.


Black screenshots are quite common, and a fair amount of screenshots on my server are black also. It seems to mainly always be people playing on Vista.

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Well your information is only half right. I do play on Vista and I do have the 8800GTX Nvidia card "known culprit" of black screenshots. Its something to do with clamp toe edge. There is a write up on it and how to fix it. Ahhh i found it .. Please read this thread on pbbans.com Nvidia 8 series cards are the issue. Not pb and most likely not every one is hacking. If i could post my screenshots here You will see that they are all black Cause im too lazy to follow the directions below. Also if im able to hit 400fps in game on most maps why tweak what isnt broken? But do read this thread. Since 7 and 8 series cards use the same drivers I assume its also the culprit in those 7 series cards too. Oh and I use 64bit Windows Vista with the latest Nvidia drivers.



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