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possibly a bit of a noob question but how do you change the hub flags? I realise I'm not registered on here as an admin to the server but I usually just get another member to sort all that stuff out! Our server is already streaming... I just want to know how to get the server to announce new bans.


Please point me out to my inevitable noobness!!! or clarify which bit I am just not understanding!!!


thanks in advance for the reply



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Thankyou tonnes...


BTW I'd also like to thank the PBBans staff for making this the easiest, most stress free way of streaming a server... Top notch.


It takes 2 seconds to get the server streaming and it doesn't just stop there. Functionality such as announcing new bans is awesome too. Great job.


Just a quick question, does PBbans' banlist differ from punksbusted? Is there point in me using their streaming service too?

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Yes our banlists are different.

So it's a rather personnal choice.


As our streaming methods are different, they are 100% compatible.

We have several SGAs here who dual-stream to both communities without any issues.

So it's possible, now it's up to you whether you do it or not. :)

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