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Being Kicked for invalid .iwd file ?


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We have an incident on our servers, 2 of them, where members of clan are being kicked once PB runs and on some map changes because of an invalid iwd file ?


Because we are in CB we have the no sway iwd files on the servers and run on one of the servers the Admiral mod, could this be the reason why ?


We have tried deleting all mod folders except Pam and admiral mod but it still happens ?


Anyone got any ideas ?


Thx in advance.

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Easiest thing to do would be to have them delete the folders and all files from those two mods. Then have them download them from the servers. That way they have nothing but the same files as what the server is running. If that doesn't work I don't know what to tell you.

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I get this error as well, but don't know any fix.


If Rude Dude is correct then hopefully it can be fixed, but its odd I get it on our modded servers and there is no gunsway mod. Soooo

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One solution that my clan uses to "cut down" on the number of times this happens is:


Rename the mods/pam4 folder in your game's FTP folder to something unique. In our case "edompam4". Therefore every time we play an [E-Dom] match on our own server (roughly 70% of the time) then this kick does not happen because the unnofficial gunsway mod and sniper fixes are in the pam4 folder and not the edompam4 folder, so the folder is clean. The folder archive "pam4" is used very often on multiple league and match servers across the CoD4 community. So you end up downloading all sorts of junk into there.


Remember if you do edit the name of the folder, please remember to edit your game server's command line in accordance.


So what was originally


+set fs_game mods/pam4


will now be


+set fs_game mods/edompam4


Just an example^^


Another solution is to reguraly clean up your mods/pam4 folder by deleting all the custom downloaded files :)


Hope this helps.

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I get that bug too. I have no problem joining but if you do a map change, it says impure IWD on the no gunsway mod.


yup... even if you delete that mod from the server people will have the same issues. unless you delete that mod from your local fs_game folder.... well that's how the complaints stopped in my end anyway..

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